Friday, July 19, 2019

Mother-in-law 'holds groom's hand and blocks bride' in bizarre wedding photo + more weird things she did

A bride has shared a bizarre photograph of her mother-in-law 'blocking' her out of the shot as she holds the groom's hand on their wedding day.

The image was shared on Reddit by the anonymous bride who went on to share further details about her mother-in-law's behaviour, the Sun reports.

Using the name acciopintje, she wrote: "She [mother of the groom] went with him when he got his suit fitted.

"Afterwards, she sent me a long fb message detailing how handsome he looked and how she was 'falling in love all over again.'

She mentioned in the same message that she hoped I would 'match' him on the wedding day, meaning she hoped I would look as good as he did. I'm not kidding."

She added: "There are photos where she WAS in-between us."

The bride said the woman's daughter asked her to move, so her husband could stand together with his new wife. Her response was a sharp, 'I can stand here! I'm his woman, too!'

One Reddit user responded with: "Wooooooooow. She may well have peed all over him."

Another added: "This has to be the worst yet. She's physically blocking wife from even thinking of holding HER HUSBAND'S hand!"


  1. Awon iya oko isonu

  2. some women won't let their sons go matter what

  3. The husband is a damn fool I will push my mother away