Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Nigeria Consul General, New York advises jobless and homeless Nigerians to return home

The Consul General, CG, of Nigeria in New York, Mr Benaoyagha Okoyen, on Tuesday, advised jobless and homeless Nigerians in the United States to return home, saying that the consulate was ready to assist those willing to return.

Speaking at a conference on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) hosted by the consulate in New York, Okoyen disclosed that the provision of accommodation for homeless Nigerians was not part of the consulate’s mandate.

According to him, the best his office can do in such circumstance is to counsel affected persons.

According to NAN, the CG was responding to appeals by some conference participants, who drew his attention to the plight of many Nigerians suffering in the streets of New York and elsewhere in the country.

The consul general, who admitted that many Nigerians were truly suffering, said that only persons living honestly in the US were entitled to consular services in an event of ill treatment.

“When they come to us we always advise them that home is home. It is not part of our mandate to start looking for accommodation for you here.

“What we can do is that if you are unjustly treated, we intervene with the relevant authorities to make sure that your right is respected.

“And that means that your stay here is legal; you must also not have committed any crime that warrants whatever treatment that you are getting.

“We will at all times intervene in circumstances like that. But the best thing is that if you have nothing doing, I advise you go back home,’’ he said.


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