Popular Islamic cleric who raped 16-year old student is also arrested in Osun State


An Osun-based Islamic cleric, Habeebulah Abdulrahman, who raped a 16-year-old girl, has been arrested.

Mr Abdulrahman was arrested and detained by the Osun State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Nigerian police.

Premium Times, in an exclusive report, published how Mr Abdulrahman (popularly known as Al-Edewy) r-ped the victim, a student of his Islamic school in Ede, a town in Osun State.

Although the cleric did not deny having s-x with the girl, he claimed that he got married to her a day before the first r-pe incident.

However, Mr Abdulrahman could not provide any evidence of marriage as the girl and her family debunked the marriage claims of the cleric.

“Barely four days after I joined the Islamic school, he asked me to marry him but I said my studies will be affected and that he is too old for me even if I want to marry anyone at all,” the victim had said.

“After he was detained, his lawyer came around and two lawyers from the side of the victim were also present,” a police source said. “The police said they would file a lawsuit as soon as possible.”

Abdulrasheed Maisolati, the victim’s lawyer, as also confirmed the arrest of the suspect.

He added that within the last 24 hours, some persons who had similar experiences with the cleric contacted him.

“I discovered that has always been his case but because people are always afraid of the stigmatisation. So nobody was able to come out boldly to report him.”

“In fact, this morning, a woman called me and was asking if it is not too late for her to write a petition against the same man of what he did to her two years ago.”

“A case of a fourteen-year-old girl was also reported to me again this morning. The mother left the case because she was so poor. They believe the man is rich and can do anything to them.”

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