Friday, July 19, 2019

Queen bids Theresa May, her 13th PM goodbye with poignant tete-a-tete at Buckingham Palace

The Queen is not given to displays of emotion, but it's reported she held a poignant final formal meeting with Theresa May this week.

She invited the PM to Buckingham Palace for her last private tete-a-tete on Wednesday, it has been claimed. The report said: ‘Her Majesty will be sad to see Mrs May step down. She is, of course, only her second woman Prime Minister and the Queen is very respectful of her efforts on behalf of the country.

‘Her Majesty knows that the premier tried her hardest to secure a Brexit deal and is sympathetic that she was unable to achieve her aims.’

The PM wore a pair of her trademark kitten heels for the meeting. They were red to match the palace carpet and her ministerial red boxes.

Insiders say the Queen has bonded with vicar’s daughter Mrs May over their shared Christian faith and frugal values. ‘The Queen really warmed to Mrs May’s quiet understatedness,’ an insider said.