Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Rapper August Alsina is hospitalised after losing ability to walk due to autoimmune disease

August Alsina has been hospitalised after losing the ability to walk due to an autoimmune disease.

The rapper, 26, revealed the worrying news on Instagram on Monday, while sharing a video of himself lying in a hospital bed. August, who explained in 2017 that he has a disorder that attacks his liver, said that he ‘woke up one day and wasn’t able to walk’.

‘Hi guys, it’s August. As you can probably tell, I’m in the hospital. So, here’s the stitch: I woke up one day and wasn’t able to walk,’ Alsina told the camera.

‘I couldn’t feel my legs and my doctor ended up admitting me into the hospital. We’re doing a bunch of tests and they’re saying I have some nerve damage going on throughout my body.’ He added: ‘It’s like my immune system went on vacation. So, I’m just waiting on it to come back and we can get together and it can do what it can do, man.’ Although, the New Orleans native didn’t let that stop him from playing a little joke, as he told fans in good humour: ‘I got a new car,’ before panning the camera to show his hospital walker.

It’s getting me from point A to point B, you understand me!’ he said. August added alongside the video that he was ‘on a mission’ to ‘shake back’ while assuring fans he was ‘fighting’.

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