Monday, July 29, 2019

Senator Abbo receives award of excellence (photos)

Senator Elisha Abbo has received an award of excellence. The Senator recently made news for assaulting a nursing mother in at an adult shop in Abuja.

According to reports, the Senator who is representing Adamawa North Senatorial Zone recently received the award from members of inter-community awareness, for his contributions to his community and active participation of youths to transform Nigeria's democracy.


  1. Political awards of excellence bought with some cowries. What can you do? What skills are you bringing to an employer? If a paid job ain't forthcoming, what skills can fetch you income? That's the real koko. Check out these links:Here,
    Here, and Here

  2. Similar thing was done to Dino Melaye after he emerged from his hideout.shameless fools

  3. Enter your comment...award of excellence in slapping a nursing mother right? Big shame and to see that a woman is part of this idiotic hungry team that presented this is awful