Shocking! Woman goes out in Adidas leggings and ends up with leg tanned with brand logo


A sportswear fan was shocked to take her leggings off at the end of a long day in the sun to discover a logo scorched onto her limb.

Danielle Viagus-Fister was sat outside in the sizzling weather waiting for her friend to return from a driving lesson.

For close to an hour and a half the 21-year-old was left on the porch anticipating her return.

What she didn’t realise – as the sun beat down on her – was that something was going on below her waist.

It was only when she got home and stripped off her branded Adidas leggings that she realised what had happened.

The logo of the sportswear company had been negatively branded onto her skin, with the burnt red area around the letters highlighting the pale skin of the German clothing firm.

“It was when I went to put on my bikini that I saw my leg,” Danielle said.

“I thought ‘Oh my god’. I was in fits of laughter.”

Suspecting that the logo will fade from her leg by the morning, the Poole, Dorset woman was quick to capitalise on the unusual occurence.

As well as collecting “loads of shares” when she posted it online, Danielle contacted Adidas asking if they would hire her as an on-brand model.

Sadly the company turned down her request, complementing her on a “nice tan” before admitting it only took sponsorship bids from Australia and Germany.

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