Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Teen devastated as her $212 dream prom dress arrives and looks nothing like she expected

A girl was left horrified by what arrived after she spent $212.80 on a dress for her school prom.

Alyssa Houma, from Auckland, New Zealand, thought she'd ordered a stylish blush-coloured gown but when she opened the package she got a big shock.

The 17-year-old said she was sceptical about online shopping, so spent a while researching several websites.

She finally settled on one called Dreamy Dress, which appeared to be a locally-based company, had good reviews and claimed they would make the item to her exact measurements.

So when she came across her ideal prom dress on the website, she decided to go ahead and order it.

But when the expected delivery date came and went, Alyssa started to doubt her decision.

Speaking to Stuff.co.nz, Alyssa said: "My heart sank, they said it was a New Zealand company.

"When the package arrived, I ripped it open and it was inside out but straight away I could see that the colour wasn't right. When I turned it the right way, there are no words, I was so disappointed. The colour was completely wrong.

"When I put it on it was completely massive, it didn't fit at all."

The teenager complained to the company, who insisted that the dress had been custom made to fit her.

Alyssa claims to have asked for a full refund, but says she's only been offered 10 percent of her money back.

The whole ordeal left her devastated and in tears, but now she's hoping her terrible shopping experience can be a lesson to others.

She added: "I would tell others to be very careful. I wouldn't want people to go through what I have been through. There has been so much stress as I have tried to find something that made me as excited as I was when I ordered that dress.

"I would tell others to learn from my experience and go in-store, to a boutique, is the best option."


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