Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The very embarrassing moment Indian tourists are caught stealing from a hotel (video)

A family of Indian tourists were left red-faced after they were caught stealing items from their hotel in Bali.

Angry staff confronted the group of nine holidaymakers as they tried to leave a villa in Sukawati on Sunday.

After realising several items were missing, the manager called the police who watched on as one employee started searching the tourists' bags.

Footage of the embarrassing encounter shows the staff member pulling out towels, toiletries and accessories taken from the luxury villa.

In the video, one of the tourists is angry that their ride to the airport has been delayed while another can be heard shouting: 'I can pay.'

Staff continue to inspect all the guests' luggage and find a stolen towel, baskets and toiletries hidden in a backpack.

'You explain now,' the angry hotel employee can be heard saying in the footage.

A man is heard repeatedly apologising but the staff are clearly furious.

Stop. This is not about the money. I know you have a lot of money. This is no respect. You come to Bali, you just steal – no respect,' an employee replied as the man continued to apologise.

Sukawati Police later used their Facebook page to share photos of the stolen items, which included a hairdryer, soap dispensers and coat hangers.

'The guest acknowledged his mistake and apologised, returned the items taken and compensated for items that have not been found,' a police statement said.