Monday, July 29, 2019

US intelligence chief leaves Trump administration

The US director of national intelligence, Dan Coats, has become the latest high-profile figure to leave the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump tweeted Mr Coats would step down in mid-August and that he would nominate the Texan congressman John Ratcliffe to replace him.

He said Mr Ratcliffe would lead and "inspire greatness for the country" he loved.

Mr Coats and Mr Trump have often been at odds over Russia and North Korea.

As director of national intelligence, it was Mr Coats' role to oversee all 17 US intelligence agencies, including the CIA and NSA.


  1. Guess Trump is one kind hard person to deal with

    1. I think he just wants results in his own way. If he ain't getting it, you're fired, no emotions. He is a good leader in my opinion. What can you do? What skills are you bringing to an employer? If a paid job ain't forthcoming, what skills can fetch you income? That's the real koko. Check out these links:Here,
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