Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Video: Emotional moment half-sisters meet their birth mother for the very first time

This is the emotional moment two half sisters meet their birth mother for the first time - 60 years after she put them up for adoption over fears of prejudice against mixed-race children in 1950s.

Kathleen Fraser Jackson, 62, of Wembley, north west London, was put up for adoption at just three-months-old.

She has spent years trying to find her birth family, despite having five children and 12 grandchildren of her own.

Little did she know her mother Kathleen Senior, 82, had another child, Jean, now 68, she gave up when she was six-months-old.

Jean has also spent a lifetime wondering what happened to her mother, having been abandoned by her adoptive mum too.

But in an emotional episode of Long Lost Family, the half sisters meet for the first time, before being introduced to their mother and the other siblings they never knew they had.