Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Woman dies after nose job she got as 21st birthday present goes wrong

A woman died after a nose job she got as a 21st birthday present went wrong. Maria Chiara Mete was left brain dead after the procedure at the private Casa del Sole clinic in Italy and sadly died a short time later.

The student and hairdresser is said to have undergone rhinoplasty , the reshaping of the nose, after becoming unhappy with her appearance.

She travelled to the clinic in Formia, western Italy, on June 17 for the procedure.

It was unclear what went wrong, but lawyers for the family have won a court order for the breathing tube to be seized over the suspicion that her oxygen supply was somehow interrupted.

Her devastated family have also claimed she could have had a bad reaction to drugs used to lower blood pressure and reduce bleeding during surgery.

She is said to have gone into cardiac arrest and ended up in a coma.

Maria was rushed to another hospital in Latina, where doctors declared her brain dead and told her family she would never recover.

Latina prosecutors have confirmed they are investigating and an autopsy has been ordered to be carried out on the young woman.

Her family said they were devastated by the news, with her uncle saying: "We can't understand how you can die at the age of 21 because of a nose operation."

They are calling on the authorities to do everything possible to investigate the tragedy.


  1. There was nothing wrong with her old nose. She looked beautiful in it. If she had someone to tell her how beautiful her nose was, she won’t have gone for a nose job...bad!