Saturday, July 20, 2019

Woman is stunned to find a carpeted bathroom in her husband's grandma's house sparking an online debate

A woman who was shocked to discover her husband's grandmother's bathroom was fully carpeted has questioned whether it's hygienic or practical for a room where people wash.

Posting under the handle 'u/citadelinn', the woman, believed to be from the US, shared a photo of the incriminating room on Reddit.

She captioned the post: 'At grandma's for the weekend. Her bathrooms are carpeted.'

A number of responses to the thread questioned the practicality and sanitariness of having carpet in a room that's often filled with moisture.

'I for one would not go in there without shoes on,' one read.

Several users told how they had seen carpets in older homes or those who belonged to elderly people.

'Lots of older houses have this. I've seen it mostly in houses that have a pool. But a handful there is no good reason,' wrote one.

Not everyone was disturbed by the idea of having carpet in a bathroom. One Reddittor wrote: 'My parents' house has carpet in the bathroom, not a big deal.'

Another said: 'For a careful person who never has guests over, carpet in a toilet room might not be a bad idea... but nothing you can really do to prevent shower moisture.'

The woman who sparked the conversation revealed it was difficult to use her grandmother's shower without soaking the entire room.

'Side note: she hangs her towels inside the shower and I didn't know that till I got in so, sorry Grandma. Who does this?' she added.