Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Your happy makes me happy and I love you fiercely! Linda Ejoirfor’s husband writes her on her birthday

Linda Ejoirfor is a year older today. And her husband, Ibrahim Suleman has now gone on instagram to hail her, saying her ‘happy makes him happy’ and ofcus he used more sweet words. His birthday message;

''Mahn...where does a man start to describe such a true feeling of completion? Lol.  I call you Sunshine, and it isn't for obvious reasons (I mean, there's that, but it's waaay beyond how shiny you are). There are many darknesses in today's world, and I am eternally grateful to God for how easily you light up my world.

@ihuomalindaejiofor You are such a special, special woman and I am honoured that you let me take care of you.  Happy Birthday, My Baby. Thank you for bringing so much Sunshine into my world. Your happy makes me happy, and I Love you fiercely.

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