Monday, August 5, 2019

18- year old girl who never knew she was pregnant gives birth, cleans the floor then threw baby away

This is the shocking moment a mother threw her newborn daughter from a third floor balcony into a bin after poisoning her with drain cleaner.

CCTV footage from outside a block of flats in Nonthaburi, central Thailand, shows the little girl landing by the rubbish area after Aom, 18, hurled her on July 23.

The baby girl was found by neighbours and she was rushed to hospital but tragically died of her severe internal injuries a few days later.

Officers checked CCTV footage which showed a black package being hurled from a third floor ledge.

Video shows how the bag containing the baby hit the edge of the bins before falling inside.

Police arrested the mother, named only as Aom, 18, and her boyfriend named as, Jay, 23, last Tuesday after they fled to a nearby property.

The couple were taken on a crime re-enactment at the scene where the mother dropped a black package from the balcony to show how she threw her daughter.

Aom, who did not know she was pregnant, admitted murdering the infant by pouring drain cleaner in her mouth.

She told police she 'panicked' after giving birth and wanted to hide it from her boyfriend, who was not the baby's father.

She said: 'I went into the toilet after I felt a squeeze around my lower abdomen area. The baby arrived after that and I was panicking.

'I did not want my boyfriend to know about it. I decided to pour the drain cleaner all over the baby's face and into its mouth then thrown it away. I then cleaned the blood in the toilet after that.'

Aom's boyfriend denied any involvement but was also remanded in custody by police who claimed not to believe his version of events.


  1. Never mind not knowing she was pregnant, but who would even think of doing that to a innocent baby..... Such a heartless women.

    1. Chai, many women are scum!

    2. How will she say she didn't know she was pregnant? They do all manner of things and want to deceive us with lies and tears.
      So, the baby is at fault for coming now OR you didn't know when you were committing the immorality with your BF?
      Hey boyfriend is in trouble now too. These are the same heartless girls that rope boys with fake rape charges.
      Enjoy your jail time if Thailand law doesn't hang you