Monday, August 5, 2019

33-year old man can't go abroad because his surname is deemed too rude for a passport

A man has been stopped from going abroad as his surname has been deemed too rude to be written on a passport.

Kenny Kennard changed his surname by deed poll to 'Fu-Kennard' for a laugh a few years ago, but now the joke has backfired.

Despite the 33-year-old former squaddie getting a driving license under his new moniker he has been told he cannot have it on a passport.

When it expired earlier this year and he applied for a new one, his application was denied because his name "may cause offence".

The supermarket worker from Bude, Cornwall, has contested HM Passport Office's verdict three times- but the UK Home Office has refused to budge.

Keen traveller Kenny said he doesn't want to change his name again - so faces a life of UK holidays instead.

He said: "I'd decided to change my name to Fu-Kennard a few years back.

"When I had to apply for a driving licence, it was accepted fine, so I figured it wouldn't make much difference in applying for a passport.

"So I wrote to MP Scott Mann, and he replied saying they're within their remit to refuse.

 Now I'm skint with no passport, like a prisoner in my own country.