Thursday, August 1, 2019

A President once asked me out and I never dated Chris Brown, Juliet Ibrahim reveals to BBC

Juliet Ibrahim was recently a guest on BBC Pidgin's 'Question Till Mouth Pain You' show and revealed some shocking things about herself. She revealed the highest public figure that ever asked her out is a President, but didn’t mention the President’s country.

She also revealed the widest thing that ever happened to her on set, revealing a movie director once had an ERECTION while they were filming. She revealed he beckoned at her and told her to see what she was doing to him, when she saw an erection, she said she ran.

She also revealed one of the strangest rumours she has heard about herself is that she dated Chris Brown – a thing she says never happened, but admitted she crushes on him. Aww and Davido would have been the best to bring them together, considering he just recorded a track with him... Watch them video below...