Monday, August 12, 2019

Banker commits suicide at his Victoria Island home after hinting on Facebook his light was dimming out

A banker has committed suicide by consuming a poisonous substance inside his apartment in Victoria Island, Lagos. Onyechere Ibeakanma, 46, allegedly took his own life on Friday, August 9, 2019, after leaving a suicide note for his wife, Cecilia. The woman who was out shopping came back to meet her husband dead. They have a child together…. His suicide note…

”The best, that's what I used to call you. Finally this is the end of my journey here on earth. .

The evil I have been battling with has succeeded in quenching the flame. You married a wrong man. You're a good woman and you deserve the best. You need to be happy. You need to soar. .

Please take care of our princess, Chinenyenwa. Tell her that I love her so much. Be peaceable with everyone though not gonna be easy. Tell my family not to harbour any resentment against you. .

You're a blessing to us . That's the wish of a dying man. Don't cry for me but pray for me. I love you and Chinenye so much. Good Bye My beloved.”

In a Facebook post on July 24, 2019, the deceased wrote: “THE LIGHT IS GRADUALLY DIMMING OUT.”

According to a family source, Onyechere left millions of Naira in one of his accounts, so his decision to commit suicide remains shocking.


  1. we all have our pains

  2. Not only poor men commit suicide

  3. That letter should be investigated by forensic experts


  4. The suicide rate is high, mental health is something no one should joke with, is not even about money, suicide is never an option. It is a wicked act. He left his wife and daughter in sorrow

  5. He should have explained the reason for his suicide to his wife

  6. Guy fucking die ur not resting In peace I hate pussey men dat take d shirt cut out. Suscide is one sun God hates so motherfucker ur going to hell rest in pieces

    1. Are you stupid or something?