Thursday, August 22, 2019

Bride reveals her mother-in-law is demanding she signs a contract to have only one child

A distraught bride-to-be has shared the insane thing demanded by her mother-in-law, who is insisting she sign a contract to confirm she will only have one child or else forgo her wedding.

The US-based woman shared the ordeal on Reddit, to a community designated for rants about 'toxic mother-in-laws'. The post detailed how the bride-to-be's mother-in-law has 'suddenly' presented the couple with the contract. 

The viral post has attracted hundreds of comments from concerned users who have told the bride to refuse to sign it, even if it risks the mother-in-law pulling the funding for the lavish wedding which she insisted on throwing in the first place.

The bride, who said her own parents are deceased, clarified that her mother-in-law is usually 'generous', 'gracious' and 'considerate'. She also noted that the contract is 'out of character' for her prospective in-law.

However, the bride's lengthy Reddit post implies the opposite and rings some warning bells.

Furious and concerned commentors stormed the post to tell the bride to tread carefully. The general consensus was also that the couple should 'run' and 'elope' as they initially planned.

'Cancel it all and walk away. Elope with your SO and do not let her control anything else in your life. She is ridiculous and can get bent,' a comment urged.

Another said, 'I hope you haven't personally signed a contract to pay anything. She's an extortionist, and she is bats**t insane. Don't pay the old bat a dime. Run like the wind from that crazy and elope.'

One user suggested that the couple 'leak' the contract to the woman's friends and 'sit back and enjoy the show'.

Others warned that this was likely just the beginning.

'She's [losing] control. A lot of Mom's are fine until a major life change (puberty, moving out, marriage, first kid) shows that they are not in control anymore. If I was in your shoes, and facing a narc (which you are), the answer is to not give them an inch. ... just keep it completely unemotional and let her know that she is not an authority in your life, and she will not have any control over you.'


  1. Then don't depend on her for money

  2. Run for your dear life. Keep saying she is generous, dem no dey tell person