Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Finally PDP breaks silence, speaks on Sowore’s arrest

National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Uche Secondus has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to release all political prisoners, especially Mr Omoyele Sowore and allow a political atmosphere and a country where there is freedom of speech.

Secondus, who says this is a military era made this call why addressing journalists at the Adamawa State Government House in Yola in the course of a visit to Governor Ahmadu Fintiri today.

He said; “We ask Mr President, Mr Buhari, to release political prisoners. It is not done in any political dispensation. What we are seeing today is as if we are in a military era. He should urgently release political prisoners and allow a political atmosphere and a country where there is freedom of speech.”

He then challenged journalists to lead the charge, saying, “I want to call on journalists and media managers not to sit on the fence. They can’t just sit and watch the country sliding. They played major role in the past, removing the country from the hands of the military. They have tempered with some among them.

“It is time for them to join hands with the good people of Nigeria to stand on the path of truth, on the path of democracy. The president must release political prisoners, particularly the presidential candidate of AAC (Africa Action Congress), Sowore.”


  1. So they have not said anything since

  2. As expected they will support Sowore. Yeye party

  3. They need to free this man or charge him to court. I tire for Nigeria

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    . if is fulani people now, no arrest but becos is a Yoruba man, if buhari did not release this young would be president, there may be blood shed again.

  5. Enter your comment...This country is long over due for revolution so free the young man he did nothing wrong.