Saturday, August 24, 2019

If Ubi Franklin writes a book he will sell...

MMMG boss Ubi Franklin has said he is def going to write a book in the nearest future, considering he wants to evolve more. But truth is, if Ubi Franklin writes a book now, HE WOULD SELL OUT..

He will give the likes of Toke Makinwa, OloriSupergal, Juliet Ibrahim a run for their money.

At the moment, many are interested in Ubi’s private life, so if he decides to write on it, it will be a blockbuster. Many wants to know how he manged to have 4 women hanging on him (Ubi only accepts 3 though), not just ordinary women, women who are successful at their  chosen fields, women who can stand alone... how he managed to take them to bed, despite them knowing there are other babymamas and all.

Aside that too, people would love to know how he managed to build his empire. A successful record label, what actually made him and Iyanya fall apart, how he has succeeded in his property business and more. Ubi’s book will be sold out in hours, if at all he decides to make it about his OWN LIFE. Lol.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, the music executive spoke on his future book and said;

“I have a book or two that I want to write but I have really not got things in place. Though there are a lot of things I would love to write about, I feel my life is still evolving. I think I should evolve a lot more before I start anything. But I would write a book when God says it’s the right time.”

On his feud with Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo, Ubi says the actor has apologized, after he jumped the fence to make a joke of his post. Speaking about the feud, and Alex’s apology, Ubi said;

“He (Ekubo) was only joking, but I didn’t get the joke. He has already sent a message to apologise. It really wasn’t that serious. Whenever I go for speaking engagements, I always let people know that entrepreneurship is not easy. Because we don’t post our failures online doesn’t mean that a lot of us don’t fail. So, for me, I didn’t get his joke but he has already sent me a message, and I don’t have any issue with him. When you have a friend that you see all the time and things like that come from him, you would expect him to have called you and you both would discuss it. I honestly didn’t know it was a joke until he sent me a message that he regretted doing that. Before we knew it, everybody had already seen the post, but he had already apologised, so it is really not an issue.”


  1. He will sell for sure ladunni o

  2. The book will sell. Nigerians love gossips

    That Alex ekubo wanted to trend now, idiotic man