Thursday, August 29, 2019

Jeremy Meeks claims he's still with Chloe Green

His former fiancée Chloe Green was seen getting close to a new man during her vacation through the Mediterranean earlier this month.

But Jeremy Meeks didn't seem concerned on Wednesday when he claimed the couple were 'still together,' despite the photographic evidence.

The 35-year-old Hot Felon was having lunch with a buddy in West Hollywood when he was approached about the status of his relationship.

After being asked by a videographer for his reaction to the photos of Chloe, 28, embracing Rommy Gianni, 42, while laying on the deck of her father's yacht, Jeremy stayed nonchalant.

'Oh man, that ain't nothing, man,' he said dismissively as he climbed into his car

When they suggested the two didn't have feeling for each other anymore, the model denied it.

'No, we're still together,' he said before driving off.