Saturday, August 24, 2019

Joel Amadi confesses, being with a record label has saved me from depression, frustration

Though a lot of artistes, these days, prefer to be independent instead of being signed to a record label, Kennis Music signee, Joel Amadi, thinks otherwise.

Listing the benefits he enjoys being signed to a label, Amadi told Saturday Beats, “The advantage I have, being under a record label, is that I don’t think there is anything this industry would bring that I wouldn’t be able to face. Frustration is out of it, and depression is also cancelled because I have been through a lot. At a point, I thought I was going to die, as things weren’t working anymore. But right now, I think I am competent enough to face any challenge life throws at me.”

Disputing the notion that record labels don’t promote artistes as much as they should, the Hold On singer said, “Record labels are promoting people. I just shot a video for my single, and Kenny Ogungbe foot the bill. I didn’t pay a dime for it. Don Jazzy also signed some artistes and he is promoting them. I just feel a lot of artistes don’t want to be controlled. They feel that being with a record label is like being in prison. At the end of the day, it all depends on the individual. I have seen an artiste spend over N30m, yet his neighbours don’t even know his songs. It depends on one’s destiny.”

Amadi also maintained that being independent doesn’t guarantee success for an artiste . “It all depends on the individual. If you have what it takes to be independent then why not? However, being independent without experience is dangerous. As an artiste , if you have N50m to spend in the entertainment industry but lack the proper experience, you wouldn’t put the money to good use. It is important to have people who would put you through and guide you. There are so many things in the entertainment industry beyond having money and being talented. One needs to be disciplined and have the right orientation.”


  1. You got depressed because you are thinking of money, rather than focusing on your career

  2. Atleast promotion money and stress is off you

  3. Depression is real. Not every musician will blow. You don try. Use the fame and cash in on another thing