Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Kenyan lawmaker kicked out for bringing her baby into the parliament (video)

A Kenyan lawmaker, Zulekha Hassan, was today kicked out of parliament because she was there with her baby.

Speaking with the Citizen Kenya shortly after she was kicked out, she said;

“Today, I had an emergency, what was I supposed to do? Miss parliament? That’s why I just came with her. I knew I would be staying here just for a while and later when my situation is better, I would go. But if there was a room or a creche or nursery, I would then be able to put my baby there.”

A standing order of the National Assembly however says strangers are not allowed into the House including children. Watch the video of how she was kicked out below...


  1. The Kenyan parliament is wrong for doing that. Was there not a case in which an Australian MP was breastfeeding her baby while she made a speech at the Parliament. Nonsense

  2. I hope the preliminary session they were having will save the world tomorrow

  3. Let's say the truth, Baby aren't meant to be in certain places. She should have taken that day off or someone to look after her baby

  4. Coming from a country that imported Jesus what do you expect