Thursday, August 22, 2019

Kenyan university to pay students who were left out of graduation list

Moi University is set to part with over Ksh6.5 million in payout for damages incurred by not including 13 students in the August 22nd graduation list.

The 13 petitioners include; Violet Ombaka Atieno, Obegi Malak Ochweri, Ndirangu Tabitha, Verah Shawiza Manyonyi, Maureen Kwamboka, Yvonne Akhago Buluma, Omondi Linda Akinyi, John Kamau Muthoni. Others are; Sarah Karanja Wanjiku, Jakoyo Paullete Akinyi, Ruth Wamboi Mwangi, Karanja Susan Waithira, and Patience Mbithi Kamutu.

They are among the about 700 students that have missed the August 22 graduation.

Lady Justice Pauline Mwea has ruled that the students be paid a sum of Ksh50,000 each for having satisfied the University's standards but still locked out of graduation.

The petitioners stated in court papers that they had fully paid their fees as required and handed in their projects by the deadline but their names still missed in the Moi University graduation list for 22nd August 2019.

The aggrieved students were initially slated to graduate in December 2018, but recurrent lecturer's strikes have seen them delay for up to a year.

"An order is hereby issued granting each of the petitioners therein an award of Ksh50,000 as nominal damages for the infringement of their rights under Articles 27, 28,29 (d) and 47 0f the constitution," part of the verdict read.

The judge also ordered the university to supply each petitioner with comprehensive reasons for the non-inclusion in the 38th graduation list.

Apart from that, the institution of higher learning has been given 90 days to undertake all necessary internal procedures to put the graduates in the next graduation list and ceremony.