Thursday, August 15, 2019

Life! Meghan Markle poses with 'Kate Middleton magazine cover' two years before meeting Prince Harry

An unearthed photograph shows Meghan Markle posing with a magazine that featured Kate Middleton on the cover in 2014 - two years before Duchess of Sussex met Prince Harry.

Royal fans are abuzz, having discovered the never-before-seen photograph today, which shows the former actress posing with the magazine and was initially shared by the deputy editor of the Irish U magazine Denise Cash in November 2017.

Meghan is seen beaming as she stands next to Denise in the 2014 snap, with the magazine emblazoned with a headline which incorrectly states that Kate Middleton was having twins.

The picture appears to have been taken two years before Meghan, now 38, was introduced to Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family. 

The picture, which was unearthed earlier today, shows a beaming Meghan posing with the magazine alongside then deputy editor of U magazine.

Royal fans were stunned by the photograph, with many commenting on Instagram to share their amazement.

One wrote: 'Funny how life works like this.'

While another commented: 'Crazy how life works out...'

One posted: 'That's crazy! I bet in a million years she never thought she would be part of that family. Life can be so unpredictable.'