Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Lobatan! Indians storm Nigerian Embassy, demand El-Zakzaky's release (photos)

Just like there have been protests from some parts of the world demanding the release of IMN's leader, Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, Indians have also marched to the Nigerian Embassy in India to demand his release.

The protesters carried banners with inscription that read, “Free Sheik Zakzaky.” “We condemn illegal detention.” More photos below...


  1. Indian Shiites i guess

  2. Hey, dear Indian Shiites protesters!
    Nigeria will prosecute him and impose the actual punishment passed on to him by court.
    Better go back home.

    1. well done tell them the truth!!!!

  3. This is becoming something else. I seriously fail to see what concerns India Muslims in this matter..I am now convinced that indeed that Elzakzaky is a terrorist including the so called organization IMN, as said they are having affiliation with ALQUAEDA, IRAN, ISIS, BOKO HARAM and there likes. They shall ALL BE MUZZLED.

  4. Holding this man can't change anything

  5. He will never be freed because of his evil deed with his shites members so the judgment passed on him by the court must surely come to pass. So therefore, Indians should better go back to their country otherwise they also will surely be a partaker in the same judgement sentenced on their boss they came to fight for

  6. Enter your comment...why is it that lslamic countries are so much concerned on his arrest, ls Nigeria now an lslamic countries, is better for them to go back to their country before the wrath of God fall on them