Thursday, August 15, 2019

Man accused of slitting s-x worker's throat in Australia was her regular customer

The man accused of slitting a s-x worker's throat before embarking on a stabbing rampage was a repeat customer of the 24-year-old woman.

It has now been revealed that Mert Ney had been a client of Ms Dunn, 24, and other s-x workers without incident before his alleged spree.

The chief executive of Scarlet Alliance, one of Australia's leading s-x worker advocacy groups, told ABC News what had happened was not 'at all expected', and said the pair had met for at least one previous appointment.

'There haven't been incidents, certainly not with Michaela in the past as well,' she said.

'It was not something that was at all planned, from what I understand.'

Police have said they are looking through the phone records of Ney and Ms Dunn to determine the nature of their relationship. 

'From our early investigations it appears the accused never had any intention of paying the victim for services that he had made arrangements for,' an investigator told The Daily Telegraph.

Ney was taken down by heroic bystanders after he allegedly stabbed 41-year-old Linda Bo in the back in broad daylight.

His sister, who declined to be named, apologised to the family of his alleged victim, saying: 'Sorry a million times.. I'm just really sorry to the victim'.