Sunday, August 25, 2019

Man accuses Kenyan Bishop who presided over his wedding for snatching his wife

A man in Juja Farm, Kiambu County is crying foul after a Bishop at Joy Springs Church snatched his his wife.

According to NairobiNews, John Kunyua said his wife of 25 years was snatched by a pastor who presided over their wedding ceremony.

Mr. Kunyua and his wife Leah Wambui were blessed with five children before the marriage collapsed.the devil invaded their marriage.

The publication revealed that the bishop appointed Ms Leah as an assistant pastor during the early stages of their relationship.

Bishop’s wife Agnes Wangivi narrated how she objected the appointment of Leah into the ministry.

“I strongly objected the appointment, but he was determined to have his way. I confronted Leah and threatened her not to play games with my husband. She looked innocent, and I gave in,” said Agnes Wangivi.

Agnes the mother of three approached Mr. Kunyua to warn his wife about her advances with the pastor but all fell in deaf years.

She also noted how Mr. Kunyua was blindfolded to understand that his wife was cheating on him in another relationship.

“This is when I started questioning their friendship. I confronted Kanyua to keep his wife away from my husband, but he seemed blindfolded. My husband developed cold feet on his family and ran away with Leah,” narrated Agnes.