Monday, August 12, 2019

Mom who is upset ex-boyfriend set up a dating profile moment they broke up shares his n*des to punish him

A mum shared two pictures of her ex-boyfriend n-ked in the bath on social media after discovering he had been using a dating website after they split.

Sarah Davies, 29, posted the images after seeing her ex had set up a profile on Plenty of Fish following their short relationship.

She later told police she became "a little bit evil" and wanted to "humiliate him a little bit," a court heard.

Her ex-partner's "anxiety had gone through the roof" since the images appeared online, the court heard.

The mum-of-three posted the images of the man online using a number of fake Facebook profiles and on her own Snapchat account.

Davies, of Ely, Cardiff, uploaded one of the images to her Snapchat story with the caption "ain't he handsome, rule number one, don't p a bh off" with smiley faces.

Cardiff Crown Court heard on Monday that the images being shared left the victim "depressed" and with "no confidence".

The pair met on Facebook and began a relationship which lasted for four months until her partner broke up with her on June 10 this year.

The court heard she took it "badly" and made threats to kill herself.

Davies later found out he had set up a profile on the dating website Plenty of Fish.

She then created her own profile on the site using the two n-ked images, and messaged him on June 13 saying "more to come hun, Facebook time".

On the same day he received a Facebook friend request from an account using his name and the pictures of him naked in the bath.

After reporting the initial account two more accounts were made with the same pictures.

In a victim impact statement read by prosecutor Andrew Kendall the court heard that her ex-partner's "anxiety had gone through the roof" since the images appeared online.

Mr Kendall said: "He has not been himself since she started putting photos of him on the internet.

"He feels himself looking at people differently.

"Friends, family, people he works with, have seen the pictures."

He added that the incident left him feeling "violated" and "completely powerless".

She told officers in her interview: "I just do things. I didn't think. I just wanted revenge."

Cora Sorensen, defending, said Davies showed "remorse" and "knew the enormity of what she did".

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke sentenced Davies to six months imprisonment suspended for 18 months and ordered her to carry out 15 days of rehabilitation activity.

She was also placed under curfew with an electronic tag and ordered to pay a surcharge and costs of £380.

Davies' phone, which was used to share the images, will be destroyed.