Thursday, August 15, 2019

Niyi Johnson and wife congratulate his ex, Toyin Abraham on the arrival of her son

Toyin Abraham’s ex-husband, Niyi Johnson has congratulated her and her new husband. Kolawole Ajeyemi on their recent engagement and the arrival of their son.

His wife, Seyi Edun known to have insulted the actress in the past, also congratulated her on the arrival of her son.

Niyi and Toyin were married for two years, 2013 -2015 before divorcing on grounds of infidelity among other allegations.

Writing on IG, Niyi said;

''Congrats on the arrival of your baby.. Mr &Mrs Ajeyemi .... He shall be a source of joy to you ..... God bless the baby, the mother and the dad...''

As for Seyi, she simply wrote;

''God bless the new born''


  1. Ojuaye is allowed biko

  2. I just pray it's from their heart

  3. This is the height of maturity


  4. This is how God will shame my enemies,watch me excel and they will have no choice than to cover their faces in shame and say congratulations to me. EYE service

    1. Are they enemies? Love didn't work out whats the fuss. Enemies my foot anyway, that's why una role model married down smh

  5. After being bashed on ig by Toyin titans

  6. There is nothing like marrying down Adeniyi was not this popular until he married Toyin. They made Toyin their enemies by laughing at her mistakes as if they are perfect. Whether she married up or down as long as she is happy, since sh left Adeniyi, thank God she has been soaring high and she will continue whether the devil likes it or not.