Thursday, August 22, 2019

Oh Dear! Israel shoots at own civilian aircraft, thinking it’s that of Syria

Israeli troops in the Golan Heights fired at an Israeli civilian aircraft on Wednesday night, having misidentified it as a hostile plane which they thought had infiltrated from Syria.

An army spokeswoman told dpa on Thursday that the troops, believing that the aircraft posed an imminent threat, fired at it until they realized it was an Israeli aircraft.

No injuries were reported.

The pilot involved in the incident told Israeli news site Ynet that he was “a metre and a half away from disaster”.

The pilot, who had the required permits for the flight, said that he felt a knock on one of the plane’s wings and at first thought it was a bird, Ynet reported.

He added that he then noticed that fuel was leaking from his aircraft.

“This is a serious incident which is being reviewed,” the army spokeswoman said.