Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Pictured! Nigerian man defiles his 9-year old stepdaughter in Rivers state

A Nigerian man, 40, has being arrested for allegedly defiling his 9-year old stepdaughter. This happened at Igwuruta in Rivers State.

The incident came to limelight when a Facebook user got to know about it and raised alarm on the platform.

Activist Harrison Gwamnishu took up the case, and got the police to arrest him. He blamed the act on his wife, saying he started sleeping with the little girl when she (wife) started denying him s*x.

It was also reported that the victim’s mother (his wife) later got to know, but kept quiet. He is now at the Igwuruta Divisional Police Station answering questions.

Hopefully, activist Harrison makes sure her mother is charged too. Even if you don’t have food to eat when he sends you out, that still shouldn’t make you mess up her life. It’s your fault (mother) if there is no food not hers.


  1. How can a mother be so mean as to cover up such act against her own child for a man? Both man and wife should be jailed please

  2. Even if your wife denied you sex, why not go and look for olosho. He has no excuse cut off his manhood

  3. Some women don’t deserve to be called mother’s 💔💔

  4. Too many atrocities just in the name of saving a marriage