Sunday, August 25, 2019

Prince Andrew’s statement on paedo Jeffrey Epstein branded ‘arrogant, disingenuous and dishonest’

Prince Andrew's statement on billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been branded "disingenuous and dishonest" by a Royal author.

The Duke of York's private life has been under intense scrutiny following Epstein’s suicide while awaiting trial for allegedly running a child s-x ring.

Yesterday he broke his silence to express "tremendous sympathy" for Epstein's victims in a lengthy statement issued by the Palace.

Angela Levin, a royal author, blasted the statement as "staggeringly arrogant, disingenuous and dishonest".

She wrote in the Mail On Sunday: "Besides expecting our Royals not to hang around with paedophiles, we also expect them to be honest. This whole statement reeks.

"Does Andrew really expect us to believe that someone he did not know well and only saw infrequently was invited into the Royals' inner sanctum?

"Andrew simply cannot escape the fact that he stayed with Epstein once he was already on the sex offender register after serving time inside for s-xual abuse.

"If he really had such 'tremendous sympathy' he would speak to US authorities about what he knows of his former friend. Actions speak far louder than words."