Friday, August 23, 2019

Prince Harry used to be the 'people's prince' but has become 'hypocritical', a royal author claims

The Duke of Sussex is 'preachy' and 'hypocritical,' a royal expert and former editor has claimed. 

Duncan Larcombe told Yahoo UK's 'The Royal Box' that Harry's way of managing things has changed as he's got older.

Harry, 34, and Meghan, 38, who often speak out in support of various environmental causes, have holidayed in Ibiza and at Sir Elton John's £15M villa in Nice in the south of France in recent weeks.

'He was a people's prince, he's now become some hypocritical, preachy, detached, slightly confused young prince and he'll lose his popularity because of that,' said Duncan. 'I think that's a tragedy because I think he's a great guy.'

The comments come following recent backlash surrounding the royal's choice of transport - despite their persistent posturing about being green.

Duncan went on to claim that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are 'going from one PR disaster to another.'

'A couple that have put themselves out there to lecture us all on needing to do our little bit to save the environment are going on holiday on private jets all summer,' he added.