Thursday, August 8, 2019

Protest rocks Idimu as policeman ‘kills’ miscreant

Some residents of Idimu in Lagos State on Wednesday protested, following the alleged killing of a popular ‘land owner’s child (omo-onile), Ahmed Segun by a policeman.

The alleged killing was said to have occurred around 9:30pm on Tuesday at Council bus stop, but violence erupted on Wednesday morning, with youths burning tyres and vandalising belongings.

Trouble was said to have started after Segun, 32, and yet-to-be identified policemen disagreed over the sharing of the money extorted from commercial drivers, tricycle operators and motorcyclists.

But the police command said findings from sources alleged that Segun, alias Iron Body, was shot by a mobile policeman, whose whereabouts was yet to be ascertained.

It added that it received a distress call around 9pm that some hoodlums attacked a car shop and attempted to set it ablaze.

The deceased, said to have earned the nickname Iron Body for always fighting, it was gathered, felt displeased at the action of the policemen and obstructed further attempts to seize some motorcycles.

He was said to have brought some of his friends, who resisted attempts by the police to seize the motorcycles, and in order to get out of the situation, one of the policemen fired shots and stray bullets hit Segun.

A witness told The Nation that the policemen were from Idimu Division, saying they fired the shots to escape from the angry miscreants.

He said: “The issue was between the agbero (motor touts) and the police. They fought because of the money they usually collect from danfo (mini bus) drivers and okada riders (commercial motorcyclists).

“When the policemen attempted to forcefully seize some motorcycles, some agbero challenged the police officers and in order to move out because of the crowd, the police officers started shooting and stray bullets hit one of the leaders of the agbero.

“It was in the night and there was no way I would have seen the name of the policemen who shot. It happened around 9:45pm and there was traffic.

“The police officers were shooting anyhow. They are from Idimu Police Station. I don’t know how many police officers were involved, but I can tell you that some of the agbero sustained injuries.”

The hoodlums disrupted activities in the area for several hours yesterday and attempted to burn down public facilities.