Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Real Sapphire Vs NFF: Francis Ogete jets to Europe in pursuit of International support

The sport director of Real Sapphire football academy, Francis Ogete has left the shores of the  country in pursuit of international support in the club’s challenge against the NFF.

Ogete explained on his way to Europe that Real Sapphire has made it clear that the illegal transfers of five of their players must be a battle the academy must win.

This trip will ensure that we make progressive moves in stopping these players and the personalities that helped them in the NFF.

One of the players was transferred with a fee of $500,000. Can you imagine what that kind of money can do for an academy like ours. We will get to the root of this and hopefully the TMS manager, Mr Nasiru Jibril will be able to explain to the world how he has been issuing out illegal ITC.

Ogete also insisted that this is a fight for all academies in the country.

‘It is the academies that produce 75% of the players playing for the Super Eagles, most of these players hardly play in the league before they move out to Europe yet some people are bent on killing these academies because of personal selfish gains’ Ogete said.