Thursday, August 29, 2019

Shocking moment mother puts down toddler to join in brawl in McDonald's

This is the shocking moment a mother puts down her toddler in order to join in with a brawl in McDonald's.

The incident occurred after one customer attacked staff who told him he would have to wait 'four minutes' for his food order to be ready.

Customers at one of the fast-food outlets in Birmingham filmed the moment bystanders tried to stop the fight at around 9pm on Tuesday, August 27.

Despite some people trying their best to help, one woman couldn't help but join in the brawl.

The woman was seen putting her toddler on the floor, before pushing the security guard and then hitting the man in the head.

Eventually, two men managed to separate the men, with a security guard then seen escorting the man out of the premises.

The chain has now issued an apology to those who witnessed the incident.