Friday, August 9, 2019

Teen takes his own life after vile online messages told him to kill himself

A teenager took his own life after 'vile' online messages told him to "kill himself", an inquest heard.

George Hessay, 15, was hounded on social media app, - where users can send anonymous messages.

Six days before his death on May 10, 2017, George deleted his profile on the app - which he had been using since April 27 the same year, Hull Coroner's Court heard.

During his time on the app, he had been messaging with a user called 'I hate people', who had sent him "disgusting" and "vile" messages telling him to take his own life.

Days later, George was found dead at home by his mum, who discovered his body when she went to switch his alarm off in the morning.


  1. One of the disadvantages of social media

  2. when you give kids too much chance to use the sm, this will what will happen