Friday, August 30, 2019

Ubi Franklin denies not been there for his daughter as her mom suggests she is also the dad

Ubi Franklin has denied not being there for his daughter, Zeneta who turned 4 today. The music executive had earlier wished her a happy birthday with a lengthy post on his instagram, but soon after her mom penned her own birthday message to her and the news changed. In her birthday message, Jennifer had suggested she plays the role of mom and dad in Zenata's life, which ofcus made the news.

Ubi has now reacted saying they got her wrong and she meant no harm. According to Ubi, Jennifer was simply explaining she plays the role of a mother and father because he doesn’t live in the US, but he still plays his fatherly roles in other ways.

Reacting to the news, he wrote:

''That woman did not say I don’t take care of my daughter.
If you read up my post, it shows clearly that I don’t live in America and she does most of the work and doesn’t mean I am not doing my side of the pack.
When a woman says I do father and mother job meaning she is a single mother and lives far away and she does all the correcting from a mother and from father. This doesn’t mean I don’t do my job as a father. Anyone who reads well will see that her post meant no harm. Smh''

Jennifer had earlier penned this;


  1. That is why marriage is the best. Close up women

  2. Ubi is social media father. Parenting his kids on social media Shior


  3. This could be depressing, you will be fine

  4. Must he react to everything guilty abeg