Thursday, August 1, 2019

Upcoming Nigerian artiste dies of stroke at 31 (photo)

A 31-year old upcoming Nigerian artiste Adeolu has died. According to publisher, Abubakar Tafawa-Balewa, Adeolu died of stroke after recently complaining about the stress he is going through at his place of work. He had contacted Mr Balewa to help assist him get another job before his unfortunate demise.

Belewa says Adeolu suffered a stroke and was in coma for three days before giving up the ghost.

How he broke the news on Facebook.

I received the sad news of the passing away of one of my mentees this evening. His name was Adeolu and known as ADB.. I met him about 8yrs ago as a young aspiring musician. I got him into the studio and he recorded a song for MODE MEN ( Black Night) and a few other tracks ..

I advised him to get into school and have something to fall back on, he got admission into Uni.. struggled though financially... Finished and did his NYSC.. I’d been planning to get back into the Music game soon and he was always on my list of Artists.. We exchanged chats a few weeks ago, he was working in an Insurance company as a marketer and he wanted something else as it was ‘stressful’.. he forwarded his CV and I said I’d see what I can do.. he sent a reminder on the 16th of July and my reply was ‘I’m swamped with a lot of things but I’d get back soon’ .. and today I heard he had a stroke, was in a comma for 3days and passed away a few days ago..
I cried.. a young gifted life wasted .. How does a 31yr old have a stroke.. and die.. ? He never told me he had any aliments.. Did he even know he was hypertensive? So many questions.. This country is eating its ‘young’ ...