Thursday, August 1, 2019

We are set to drag Nasiru Jibril, NFF to Senate - Real Sapphire football academy

Real Sapphire academy are already making arrangements to officially report the NFF to the legislative arm of the federal government of Nigeria, according to their Sports director, Francis Ogete.

We are putting plans together to report the continuous fraudulent act of the TMS department of the NFF in releasing international transfer certificates(ITC) to players to play outside Nigeria without the knowledge of the clubs they have contracts with here in Nigeria.

For people that are probably doubting we have two cases that are well documented. Sometimes last year, we got a deal for one of our players in Europe, has we progressed on the deal Nasiru Jibril ensured that he delayed on issuing the ICT until the transfer season closed. After the transfer was canceled Nasiru pleaded to the academy to accept his apologies but the question to be asked here is if such acts are professional? Does such acts help to develop academies that the NFF doesn’t give a kobo.

Let me also remind Nigerians that Kazeem Balemo who was part of the five players we took to Egypt that ended up absconding was issued an ITC by Nasiru Jibril through Nnewi United FC.

When we heard of kazeem’s transfer in Egypt we reached out to Nasiru who immediately voiced out that it was the Chairman of Nnewi United that claimed that the player plays for him and that they needed the certificate urgently.

The big question here is this, is the data of the NFF unavailable? Did the Nnewi United Chairman bribe his way through?

This incompetence of Nasiru Jibril of the NFF must stop, this mere incompetence has cost us hundreds of millions of Naira that we would have generated from transfers which would have helped our academy develop more.

Let me quickly add to it that the academy has written proves to this allegations and we dare Nasiru and Nnewi United to come out and denial these allegations.

I can tell you that the two of them apologized then and Kazeem’s ICT was immediately reversed.

We intend to gather signatures of other clubs and academies that have continuously suffered from such football calamities and then push it forward to the legislative arm and the minister of sports.

Francis Ogete
Sports director
Real Sapphire Football Academy