Monday, August 12, 2019

Yemi Alade cries out after her dancer was arrested by the police for 'just' dancing (video)

Yemi Alada has shared a video showing some men believed to be police officers whisking aways one of her dancers for allegedly dancing on the street. The singer, says his only offence was dancing and wondered why the police will arrest him for such.

She explained he was later released at the police station and his phone seized from him and was asked to return today to the station. Yemi’s SOS below…

This is #NIGERIA 🇳🇬, Lagos state CMS police station

Yesterday, My dancer @tomisin_tomtom was harassed for dancing on the streets by policemen not wearing uniform.
What was his crime? dancing!!! Only in #NIGERIA that uniformed men will rather Prey on the innocent and protect the guilty.🖤💔✊🏾 .
Thankfully he was released yesterday but they have seized his phone.WHY? THEY SAID HE HAS TO COME AND SEE THEIR AREA COMMANDER THE NEXT DAY!! WHY?? WHY SUCH ABUSE OF POWER.

MAKING videos and taking pictures is not a crime in ALL civilised countries around the world.
let's make sure we share this video so our loved ones can be protected.
Thank you


  1. They want to extort him

  2. For just dancing? The police are on a new low

  3. Such police men should be taken to sambisa and face the real deal. It seems they are not happy not having crime, so they want to force the guy to become one. See that short one, I wonder how he passed the police test with that height self.

  4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...dix is Nigeria.... Falz had said it all

  5. Enter your comment...Nigerian police are fake police they don't whatever to do,that's why I like soldiers more than them, yeye people

  6. Nigerian police and people guiding them I laugh at you people instead of you to seek for how our money and mineral resources are not here in your country you are holding innocent people allishashalock that always sing in the road from Ireland the police of Ireland would have arrested her