Thursday, September 26, 2019

Shocking! Boy, 5, is gang-r.a.p.e.d by 9-year-old boys

A mother has revealed how her young son was gang-r.a.p.e.d by a group of nine-year-old boys leaving him severely traumatised.

Four boys took turns r3ping the five-year-old victim and reportedly told him 'you'll be my bitch' during the shocking attack in Newcastle, South Africa.

The victim's mother became suspicious when her son failed to return home from school at 2pm, the Sowetan reports.

“I got worried when he was not at home an hour later and he only arrived at 3.30pm," she said.

The 29-year-old mother says that her son's behaviour has now changed and is terrified to return to school.

She claims police have refused to help and told her they did not have the facilities to help.

“I went to Tsakane police station and they refused to open a case, citing that they don’t have facilities for young kids.

"I took him to the local clinic and even though they said there was not much damage I am still very worried about my son’s state of health.”

She added: I took him to the local clinic and even though they said there was not much damage I am still very worried about my son’s state of health.

"He is now very violent among other kids and he totally refused to go to school last week."

She believes that one of the attackers may have been s3xually abused himself.

The mother added: "It is clear that one of the boys has also been s3xually abused; that is why I think that they need counselling so that they can also be helped.

"Those boys need help as they might be exposed to being abused as well. I am just disappointed at the school for taking this matter lightly.

"Also there was only one parent who called to apologise for their son’s behaviour; others did not even bother themselves."


  1. Something has to be done situations like this will occur in the future nd the police won't bother taking the matters seriously

  2. They don't have facilities how they need to be sued aswell bunch of idiots

  3. This is very bad I don't understand why the police don't facilities for children you must go social workers ,it's true those little rapists need help I'm thinking how many other kids they did this to

  4. JUST LAY A CHARGE ON HIS BEHALF N GO TO HUMAN RIGHTS... n go to the media.IF YOU DONT COME RIGHT THEN INTERNATIONAL COURT..So young and so evil.Why is old children with young babies at any time whether at school or outside.They should have separate break time n hours.No apologies can fix the child n restore..RAPE IS RAPE,NO MATTER HOW YOUNG OR OLD OR WHETHER FEMALE OR MALE..Teach him at home is the only way..dont force him to go to school as he will just get abused again....

  5. South Africa has become sodome and gamora on earth