Saturday, September 28, 2019

Celine Dion insists she has 'always been very thin' as she hits back at critics

She's known for her slim frame.  But now Celine Dion, 51, is defending herself against critics who scrutinize her slender figure.

The Canadian songstress said that 'she's always been very thin,' in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

'Is there anything wrong about my body?' she began, as she jokingly asked the news outlet her question.

'When you go back, when I was 12 years old, my face was rounder because you have more fat and you're younger…But I've always been very thin.'

The star, who's first major break was at the same age, took her criticism on the chin.

'If you don't want to be criticized, you are in the wrong place.'

The mother-of-three, who shares sons Rene-Charles, Eddy and Nelson with late husband René Angélil, also credits her slim frame to her ballet workouts.

'People say, "She's a lot thinner" but I'm working hard. I like to move and [weight loss] comes with it,' she began, in an April interview with People.


  1. She has always been thin and with age she would lose more fat

  2. She has always been thin but right now she is about disappearing that is the problem.

  3. If only she can see herself. Bonga fish

  4. Right from when I known her she is always slim