Friday, September 20, 2019

Dog The Bounty Hunter reveals 'broken heart' sent him to hospital

Dog The Bounty Hunter believes his weekend hospitalization was caused from a broken heart suffered from the death of his wife, Beth.

Dog described the sensation as an intense pain in the center of his chest -- a feeling like he'd just run 3 or 4 miles -- even though he only did a simple workout. He told FOX31 Denver he could barely breathe and knew something had to be done quickly ... so his assistant took him to get help.

Halfway through the interview, Dog breaks down a little bit, saying he believes the leading factor behind his chest pain was that he'd suffered a broken heart.

Recall Dog was rushed to a hospital over the weekend for what was first thought to be a heart attack.

Doctors ran tests and determined that not to be the case ... and Dog's family has stressed the importance of living a healthier lifestyle since the incident.