Thursday, September 26, 2019

FFK shades Dangote over his statement on Bill Gates

Alhaji Aliko Dangote had said Bill Gates opened his eyes to the challenges in Nigeria's health system. Why thinking it shouldn't have been so, former Aviation Minister, Fani Kayode shaded the richest man in Africa in a tweet and also tagged him. He also asked him if it was true his trucks kill more Nigerians per year than AIDS. The tweet above...


  1. This message is valid. Nigeria is shy of asking dangote

  2. This crack head man has started

  3. Good question and observations by FFK. My advise to young persons is to in addition to education, get a skill in which your services (which may not need big capital except the skill itself) will be in demand and make money. I got a book, mobile phones and tablets repairs: a complete guide for beginners and boom, I began making money from people. Today I have 2 service centres in Abuja and even teaching others. So, be real to yourself.