Monday, September 23, 2019

Jeremy Meeks steps out with new girl (hahaha)

How many of you remember when Jeremy, the ex-convict, left his wife and son for billionaire daughter, Chloe -- top shop heiress? Honestly we knew it wasn't going to work, we just knew it. Now, Chloe seems to have moved on with an older man, and now, Jeremy has stepped out with another woman who seems to be his new catch, and her profile is cool too.

Jeremy and Chloe have a son together.

Now the latest -- Jeremy showed up Friday night in WeHo, and opened the car door on the passenger side like a curtain at a Broadway play, revealing what appears to be his new chick.

Her name -- Erica Peeples, an actress who's appeared in Netflix's "True to the Game" and 'Law and Order.' Erica says she's also a DJ, a poet and a producer.

They were inside the restaurant for 2 1/2 hours and, on the way out, Jeremy proudly introduced Erica to a photog, well without mentioning girlfriend, lol.