Man injects petroleum jelly into his pen!s to make it bigger but it attracted a flesh-eating bug instead


A man’s pen!s rotted after he injected it with petroleum jelly to try and make his member bigger, doctors have revealed.

The unnamed man, from the South Pacific islands, visited A&E feeling unwell and suffering from itchiness on his pen!s for five days. 

He recalled injecting himself with petroleum jelly – the main ingredient in Vaseline – two years ago after his doctors quizzed him on his s-xual behaviour.

The penile shaft was ‘grossly deformed’ due to gangrene, with rotting flesh and a build-up of pus.

The man was rushed into emergency surgery, and endured two more operations to save the remains of his genitals.

After multiple skin grafts, the 45-year-old was able to return home a month later.

Dr Amer Amin, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, published the tale in the journal Urology Case Reports.

He recalled treating an ‘unwell looking man’, who was feeling weak and suffering fevers when he sought help.

Upon examination, doctors found his penis was tender, had a severe build-up of fluids, and patches of visible rotting flesh.

He was diagnosed with Fournier’s gangrene, a life-threatening and rapidly progressing ‘flesh-eating bug’ of the genitals.

Dr Amin said the patient reported the practice was fairly common where he lived.

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