Thursday, September 26, 2019

Neighbours of mum who was mauled to death by dogs tell how they bravely tried to fight off the animals

The neighbours of a mother-of-three who died after being attacked by her two dogs at her house in Cheshire have revealed how they bravely tried to fight off the crazed animals.

The victim, named locally as 44-year-old Elayne Stanley, was found with serious injuries and died at the scene at her home in Widnes.

Neighbours say it was Ms Stanley's own dogs, which are Mastiff-types called Billy and DJ, that attacked her

The 44-year-old's terrified three children - her 22-year-old daughter Louise, along with her twin daughters, aged around 12 - were in the terraced house at the time the out-of-control pets pounced.

Now, neighbours have shared how they tried to fight off the two crazed dogs as they mauled and then horrifically killed their owner in her living room.

Brave neighbour Carl Rees managed to burst into the victim's locked home, at around 5.15pm on Tuesday, and he battled to keep the dogs away from a heavily-bleeding Mrs Stanley.

He threw bricks and other objects to try and distract the animals, but she had already suffered a fatal wound to her neck and died at the scene.

He was also heard to yell, 'I can't get at her,' as he valiantly tried to come to her rescue.

Mr Rees said: 'I got the dogs off her. There were two dogs, massive, bigger than mine.

'I went in to attack the dogs with some of my tools.

'I couldn't get close to them, I threw bricks at the dog attacking her. I managed to get them off.

'They scurried into the garden and the other neighbour tried to cover the puncture wounds with towels, I tried CPR until the paramedics got here.'

Next-door neighbour Jason Brennan said he was in the back garden when he saw Ms Stanley's two young children were 'hanging out the back window', screaming.

He said: 'I could hear the dogs growling.

'From the front garden, I could see Elayne getting attacked inside. She was getting dragged about.

'The dogs were pulling her everywhere.'

Locals said there had not been any recent incidents involving the dogs, but some residents said they were large animals who would jump up excitedly at the window when people walked past.

Mother-of-two Savannah Hayes, 22, another close neighbour, who was outside the Stanley house, said: 'The dogs were just not budging [from attacking Elayne].'

Another neighbour Marie Airey said: 'I heard it all kick off. The screams were terrible.

'I heard someone shout, ''Get towels, get an ambulance!''

'All hell broke loose...those poor kids.

'I've got a 10-year-old daughter who has stroked the female dog, Billy. She's been for sleepovers.'

The dogs, not thought to be a banned breed, called DJ and Billy, were chased by police officers who arrived at the scene.

One of the dogs was shot dead with two bullets, at around 9.30pm, as cops struggled to tranquillise and then contain it.

The second is being kept in a secure kennel.

No arrests have been made, and so far, it is thought there may not be any future criminal prosecution as the dogs were legal and their owner has died in the incident.